Rare car numbers

Rare car numbers

Rare samples of very sought after by collectors, they collect the owners of retro technology museums, historians and research staff. This is dopodlinnyj, a witness of historical events, and sometimes direct participant, if I may say so on the metal plate.

History of the creation of car number plates.

Car number plates appeared in the early twentieth century in the United States (New York, 1901), when the streets began to appear more and more cars. Automotive industry gaining momentum, the country developed, and the Government has come to the conclusion that every car owner should create an individual for their vehicle license plate. Yes, rooms constructed and assigned themselves, only to later State took this process into their own hands. The most valuable rare plates belong to this period, but not many people manage to get such home-made copies.

On the territory of the former Soviet Union first automotive badge was awarded the Riga car later this practice spread to the SOVIET UNION, when the standard was issued license plate (1931).

Very changed license plates after the second world war and later state standards changed more than once: its background color and number characters, shape, all this has been discussed at the State level.

Standard view of many modern rooms is well known. But it is very interesting to study this evolution which took place, it would seem, such a familiar license plate number.

Rare number plates-why are they so valued?

The original number plates, created in the early 20th century in the United States-the first samples of “auto registration”. Collecting such labels issued in different years, you can see firsthand how the changed form, the characters, as they are standardized and were subject to historical processes.

Classic car numbers exist in a single instance. They are not stampeded, as they do now, they do not have the protection of modern numbers but have nevertheless played their role in the establishment of the automotive industry.

Some were very non-standard from metals of various alloys. Others belonged to the individuals whose contribution to history was difficult to overestimate. Others can show the intermediate stage between outdated standards and a new look at the developing world.

It’s just a car number. But, like every historical “junk”, it can find a inexhaustible source of knowledge.

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