Car numbers in the house

Car numbers in the house

A very interesting and original way of using car plates is decoration of premises and houses. In our country, the house in this way will look very unusual.

So what do you have?

The car number is usually a small aluminum plate with numbers and letters. The standard of manufacture of such signs is available in different countries. This design will make your home truly unique.

The secondary use of raw materials is very popular in Europe and in particular America. Who would have written off the plates? Of course you are! Car registration numbers are not only a decorative element but also a practical utility.

So, we offer you a few original ideas:

  1. Make out porch unusual licence plates-for example, you can lay out and hang over the door a gift sample with your name;
  2. Facing the fence-posts and think in the eyes will be dazzled? And here and there! Do everything with a mind, for example, create patterns of number plates on the brick fence or do lower bezel;
  3. Roof covering instead of, or in addition to tile-plates are made from quality durable Aluminum, is not affected by corrosion. Your home will not only be protected from rain and snow, but noticeable from afar;
  4. Lining the walls of the House Windows and doors, platbands;
  5. Garden paths-post in your yard unusual paths of numbers and letters, it is comfortable and practical, and guests are sure to appreciate.

License plates in the decoration of houses, and especially siding, horticultural and technical buildings, it’s stylish and unusual.

Where to take?

Written-off road signs can be purchased on the Internet, collecting damaged nameplates from familiar motorists, and contacting the appropriate services. If you think, no one needs this scrap metal, you’re mistaken: first, the quality aluminium, secondly, the number sign as an element of decoration is gaining popularity in our country, thirdly, there are collectors that contacted unusual specimens, especially antique samples.

No place to take, but you want to? The simplest solution is to order a souvenir license plate. Such car numbers in the houses are viewed as real, and they can be supplemented with unusual, bright parts, even if they are to add whole proposals from the plates.

After all, it’s all about your fantasy. Of course, if you’re the one who likes to surprise.

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