Car plates as a decoration of the workplace

a decoration of the workplace

Workplace-it is here that ideas and implemented projects, creative activities, and boils are created really unique things. Home or Office, wherever it was, whatever it might be-we spend a large part of his time there.

Of course, everyone refers to your workplace differently. Someone prefers the simplicity and minimalism, getting rid of all the unnecessary details, someone fills it with pretty things, while others are valued, above all, comfort-comfortable armchair, multi-function equipment, rationality and order.

And there are those who prefer a creative approach. For such people the perfect car room as a decoration of the workplace. He will play a role not only elements, colorful details, but practical devices.

Let’s learn how to use the plate to diversify boring workflow.

License plate as an ornament of a workplace:

  1. Mount for photos from a trip or family portraits-screw it on the wall and stick the photo using color tape and stickers.
  2. Tray for cups-aluminum is durable, and handles such tray are attached with screws.
  3. Stand for Office-your pens and pencils will not disappear if to build the Foundation of the registration plate. For example, you can attach the plate to the wall, and it screw the plastic or glass jars, in which you can add stationery.
  4. Purely decorative element. Boring? Does! Number plate is in itself unusual, and if properly arrange, it is sure to give your site an unusual atmosphere.
  5. Shelves of license plates? And why not! Try table rack.
  6. Instead that will inspire collect road signs from countries where you have visited, and mount on the desktop. Clients and colleagues will appreciate exactly such an original!

Let’s summarize.

The car number as a job decoration-the original part, which will create a good mood, remind you of a pleasant moment, or generate dreams. Maybe you want to buy a car or travel on your own transport? Then hang up with your eyes on the plate-and the desired image will always be with you.

It’s not worth forgetting that car numbers are also manufactured as souvenirs. Such gifts can be pleasing to colleagues, or even a superior (for example, to order the “Big Boss”), and he may, in turn, hang it over the workplace. The main thing is not to be boring!

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