Car plates in the room

Car numbers in the room

Every experienced designer will say that the details are creating the mood in the interior. They act as style-building elements, bright peculiarities, highlighters of owners’ character. Such things include decoration elements, textiles, commemorative souvenirs, wall pannels in the form of travel or family tree photos and more. And, as has already been said, the decor of the room can tell a lot about the owner of the house, namely his hobby. For example, souvenir car plates in the premises clearly indicate that a person is not indifferent to the automobile products.

Car in the living room – what a fad!

Ardent motorists seem to us frequenters of favorite garages – surrounded by spare parts, cans, tools, wheels, and plates. In some cases – with disassambled car in the middle of the living room.

But trendy guys are not being on outdated stereotypes and bring in their interior new features, such as decorative car plates. This is a very good idea because such a decor will fit in almost any room. The main thing is to beat it properly.

Use number plates in the interior.
We offer you a few ideas that will certainly come to the heart of the original individuals and amateurs of the machines. Car plates in the space can be used as follows:

  • Photowallpaper with a three-dimensional image of a vehicle with real plates;
  • Wall panels, created from various forms and colors;
  • A rack for books with number plates;
  • Point lamps mounted to car plates and more.

Such decor looks very well at the loft style, and it’ll be fine for the bachelor’s house or home photo studio.

Car plates in the commercial area

Have you decided to open a cafe or a club?

Create a unique interior in the style of road eateries in the spirit of known “Alignment 66”, and make it interesting number plates from America and other countries to give your business a unique spirit of travel. Car plates in the space are fresh and unusual, set up a certain kind of progress, and attract people of the appropriate location.

You can assemble retro numbers, use old ones written off from the state registry, or order gift specimens with a variety of text boxes.

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