Car numbers as souvenirs

World souvenir production is extremely diverse, and fantasy of producers simply knows no bounds. Surely, not once you wondred what gift to bring to beloved mother-in-law from travel, and if your colleagues will appreciate these cute trinkets. But recently new ytend became fashionable – car plates as souvenirs. Strictly speaking, it is possible to distinguish several definitions.
Souvenir plates: manufacturing and the scope of such plates are made to order the firms concerned. They are not intended for continuous use, instead of the state plates, but only to complement the interesting detail of celebration, serve as a gift, joke, as well as props for film or music video.
Gift plate materia l- aluminum or plastic. They can be different colors, images, or only letters and numbers. The most common text is “newlyweds”, “Boss”, car brand, owner name or nickname. The unusual, “good” combinations of numbers, such as three seven, short witty phrases are popular.
The aluminum numbers use the embossed shape (extrusion) method, the top reflective film. It is the same car numbers as souvenirs that are very good, because they are real and practical.
Plastic plates are a PVC plate that is special high-quality film. This method is useful for almost any image (such as a company logo or photo) to be printed by printing. Of course, this sign is more like a souvenir.
Gift plates are purchased for a wedding convoy, a birthday machine, an amateur gift. They can also be found in exhibitions, flights motorists, or just in town, because amateurs are always enough.
Car number as a souvenir what’s the difference?  The fact is that car numbers written off from state can go to gift products as authentic specimens. For example, the number of auto, the known identity, the classic plates, number plates made in other countries, and so on.
A very interesting gift for collectors or those interested in cars. Such signs have their own history, unique characteristics, and most importantly, they are real.

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