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American souvenir car plate will be an excellent decoration for your personal shed, public event space or vehicle store. It represents the spirit of freedom which is appreciated by all the Americans and fans of original car plates from all over the world. To order a souvenir car plate means to make an exclusive and reasonable gift or surprise !

Pack it as a gift.

You can order additional packing, and your number will be look excellent. You can give it to a relative, friend, or employee. You can also specify the delivery address of your friend you want to make a pleasant surprise.

Fixed price.

The price of our souvenirs is fixed and is $99. It can only increase by the cost of delivery or gift package. The cost of gift wrapping is $50. The cost of delivery can be from 0 to 238$.

About of decorative car plates

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Here you can find a huge range of car plates to order as a gift. Feel free to contact us for any support !

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